Art Club

Do you want to experiment with different media and explore your creative ability?

Art Club is run by, our talented Mrs Howe, who hasmany super ideas to interest all of you and develop your artistic talents. Do not forget to tell your friends what you do, as they might want to join you too

Gardening Club

Why not come along and join our gardening clubs

All you need is enthusiasm and an interest in growing things and eating your own produce!

Each year we sow seeds in pots we have made ourselves, help the seeds begin to grow by tending to them carefully, before planting them out in our very own gardens. We then have a rota of children who are responsible for ensuring the plants stay healthy.

Where possible the school cooks use our produce in their cooking.

Feel free to come along and join in our green fingered fun.

We have a Gardening Club at Carlton on Tuesdays after school until 4:15pm run by Mrs Howe

Homework Club

Do you ever get homework and wish you could do it at school before you go home?

Do you ever wish there was a teacher there to explain the work to you again?

School Council

The School Council is a group of children, who we select each year. They discuss important things and help make decisions to improve the school and its surroundings. The members of the council share their ideas with the headteacher and on occasions the chair of governors or other special adults at their regular school council meetings.

Every child from the school may ask a School Council member to bring up any issues or ideas that they have at their meetings.

Sports Club

Children have access to a wide range of sports which supports their regular fitness activity, improves attitudes, increases participation and improves performance.

The Wisdom of the Woods

Outdoor education, rewilding, curriculum design and well-being projects.

Reconnecting young people with the outdoors.

Provided by Sylvan Lore