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What Does Confederation Mean?

A Confederation is two, sometimes three schools, staying as separate schools, with separate governing bodies but with a shared head.

So What Does This Mean For Our Schools?

Bilsdale Midcable Chop Gate and Carlton and Faceby CE Schools became part of the first confederation of two schools in April 2003. They chose to confederate because they wanted to continue to improve the educational outcomes for the children in their care inspite of both being at the time very small schools.


In terms of the curriculum this means both schools are able to share staff expertise and thus broaden the opportunities and experiences for the children, whilst each school retains it own status and character. Equally they are able to share resources and thus duplications are avoided.


Whilst the pupils are taught for the majority of the time in their own schools, they do regularly share school visits, and attend sporting events together. They are also able to partake in clubs run on each site.

Every Friday the children  meet to share Literacy, Numeracy, French, Music and PE activities on the Carlton site.

This clearly benefits the pupils who are not only benefiting from specialist teachers but also socially they have more children their own age to interact with.

The Outcome

The outcome of the confederated day has been extremely positive.

The children in both schools, freely interact with each other, sharing their ideas, work and activities together in a happy, relaxed environment. They are comfortable with all the adults they have contact with, so do not miss the daily one to one link with someone but instead thrive from working with others and learning from their expertise.

The staff are a very close team, who willingly share ideas and their workload.

Both schools numbers on roll are rising, a plus for any school at this time!

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