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Huff Puff Leaders

Huff and Puff is sports programme which is organised by the older children in both our schools for break and lunch times. It ensures that all our children are not only healthier by being physically active and ready for learning afterwards, but it also ensures that incidents of antisocial behaviour at break and lunchtimes are almost non existent. It also means we all get to play with a wide range of sports equipment at all times.

The KS2 children, are timetabled as leaders for each day. Their role is to ensure that all the children have something to do at breaktime and are not left out by giving out the equipment, showing the children how to play with it and helping them to share it. The leaders are easily recognised by their yellow bibs or caps.

We are thrilled that the leaders are currently producing a pack of playground games to go with the materials the school has bought that can be used by Huff and Puff leaders, ourselves and the lunchtime supervisors to promote physical activity.

Edgie Uppies

Using a tennis racket and a tennis ball. Hit the ball upwards only using the edge of your racket.

Count 1 for every edgie.

If you miss start counting again from 0 


Hit alternatively with strings and edge

Hold racket further up the handle


Alternate between an edgie and heading the ball

Hold the racket further down the handle


Each term new equipment is put out for us to play with which links to the themes in PE. In particular they develop hand eye co-ordination, throwing, catching, balance, co-operation, trust, and team work.

E.g. This summer the team games were cricket, volleyball and tennis although there was a lot of smaller equipment for small groups or individuals to play with too which involved striking, throwing and catching and skipping.

All the different year groups can be seen playing in the team games!

All the children are responsible for making sure the equipment is returned to its box and the Huff Puff leaders put it away neatly.

The younger children regularly request equipment they would like to use and where possible this is either accessed from the PE store or when the budget allows it is acquired.

A big thank you to all the Huff and Puff leaders, for ensuring we all have extra fun at all our break times!

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